July, 2014
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LEGO2NANO launches competition for open source AFM

Rebecca Pool
Thursday, September 11, 2014 - 15:15

Competition challenges young scientists to build a cheap, open source AFM.

US researchers claim X-ray microscopy record

Rebecca Pool
Friday, September 12, 2014 - 08:15

Using soft X-ray ptychography, Berkeley Lab researchers have imaged 5 nm structures




Providing insights into a host of biological processes, multi-dimensional experiments are of great importance throughout life science...

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Essential Knowledge Briefings: New Original Science Guides from Wiley

Essential Knowledge Briefings, published by Wiley, comprise a series of short guides to the latest techniques, applications and e

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Editor's picks

Video interviews from M&M 2014

This year at Microscopy and Microanalysis the team from M&A managed to catch a few words with various companies

STM builds better quantum dots

Claiming a world first, researchers have constructed quantum dots and molecules with atomic accuracy

Cryo-EM unravels ribosome mysteries

US researchers have discovered structural differences between human and bacteria ribosomes alter how each decodes genetic information

Taking a closer look at life sciences research - LifeSight 2014

At MMC in Manchester 1 July Leica Microsystems released LifeSight 2014, its report on trends and challenges in life sciences research

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As microscopists from around the world meet on their four yearly ...

On Monday 30th June, Chris Parmenter attended a cross-disciplinary electron and light microscopy meeting, prior to this year’s very successful MMC2014

Microscopy and Analysis understands how important it is to foster, mentor and support graduate students and postdocs who have just started their research careers in the life...

They say ‘No man is an island’ and ‘you gotta have friends!’ and as scientists we are no exception. Frequently, scientists are portrayed as lacking social skills and some non-...

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